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Ecoegg – Magic for your Washing? Honest Long Term Review

Ecoegg – Magic for your Washing?  Honest Long Term Review

Have you considered using an Ecoegg for your washing?  At the beginning of last year (about 15 months) or so ago we decided to try one the egg things that you put in the washing machine instead of washing powder/tablets/pods etc.

The Ecoegg - Washing Detergent replacement

So what is an Ecoegg?

The idea is that you buy one of the eggs (unfortunately made of plastic but they last for a long time) which has beads inside and you put it into the washing machine barrel. These then act as a substitute for traditional washing powder. The beads don’t last forever but they do last for quite some time. The set we currently have in the egg lasts for 72 washes and is nearing the end of their life.

We chose the brand Ecoegg which we bought at a shop in one of our local cities rather than online (supporting the High Street and we happened to be there anyway). So in went our first wash, minus fabric softener. The instructions do specifically say you can add fabric softener as ‘normal’ if you want, but it’s not required. We decided to see how it would be to cut out the fabric softener as well.
When that first lot of washing came out my initial reaction was that the fabrics weren’t as soft as with the conditioner and they didn’t smell as nice. That’s not to say they smelt bad, more the scent was much more subtle.

Now we do have a tumble drier but it’s only used as a last resort. 99.9% of the time we dry outside on the line. I like to tongue in cheek say we use the latest fashion in solar and wind technology to dry our clothes. When we took them in off the line there was nothing to make me think we’d made a mistake. The fabrics were clean, smelt fresh and easily soft enough to wear.

Any concerns?

At this point, I should say that one of the concerns I’ve heard for using the Ecoegg (and other similar products) is that whites don’t stay white and they don’t remove stains. Most of my clothes are dark or black but my husband wears the regular selection of lighter colours, shirts, teeshirts etc and he’s reported no issues. In fact, he can be very particular so he’d speak up quickly if unhappy. I’ve also heard that they have specific whites and colour products in their range but we haven’t used those. Everything we have, whites, coloured and darks are all being washed using the same Fresh Linen pellets.

How did we use it?

Essentially we stuck it in the washing machine and used the machine as normal and forgot about it. The only real change was that we needed to keep a check on the number of washes so we would know when to replace the pellets. For this, our original pack had a tick sheet which we stuck on the side of the machine with a fridge magnet. The refill pack we’ve since bought didn’t have a tick sheet so we just stuck the small instruction booklet up instead and write on that. We use it on 30-degree washes without any issues. You won’t see much if any, foam during the wash and this is normal so don’t panic. It caught me off guard at first but we’ve done well over 100 washes and I’m of the opinion I don’t need to see suds if my clothes come out clean.

So to sum up (in conclusion)

To sum up we’ve been very happy with ours and would be happy to recommend people give them a try for themselves. We’ve found it to be very cost effective and convenient. No more traipsing back from the shops with heavy washing powders or tablets. Far less waste and packaging and they use far less harsh or harmful chemicals.

So if you’re considering giving it a go I’d recommend you do. It’s worked out cheaper, produces, less waste, is easier on my back when carrying the shopping home and is kinder to your skin and the environment. Personally, I’d call that a win-win situation.
If you decide to try one let me know how you get on, or do you have a different more eco-friendly solution for washing your clothes? Let me know in the comments 🙂

This is a link to the product we’re using on Amazon.  (This is an affiliate link but won’t cost you a penny if you use it.)

You can also watch my video review of the Ecoegg over on the YouTube Channel

take care

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