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What do you think of my Sparkly New Knitting Blog Site?

What do you think of my Sparkly New Knitting Blog Site?

So I decided that I really wanted a sparkly new blog to go along with the podcast.  Somewhere I can post up ‘show notes’ for the podcast and also other musings in between.  It’ll mainly be about knitting but I’m sure that other crafts and some art will creep in, after all it’s what I’m passionate about so it’s what I tend to want to talk about.

Episode 3 of the podcast is now up on YouTube.  I can’t believe I’ve done 3 episodes already.  It took me days to build up the courage to do the first one and while I didn’t go through that quite as much for number 3, I still spent most of the morning coming up with imaginative ways to avoid it.  I suppose that leads to the obvious question of why do it then?  Well, for the same reason I originally started to blog many years ago, (that blog is lost in the midsts of time and the ether now), because I find it difficult.  So it helps me to confront my fears and prevent them from ruling my life.  So I write things down, even though I find it hard because I’m dyslexic, and now I’m putting myself in front of a camera.

I really do believe that provided you’re sensible confronting personal demons like this sort of thing can be good for you.  I do plenty of things that aren’t good for me, exhibit A for that would be all the chocolate I ate earlier, but I figure tackling one demon at a time is better than none.

So what do you think about my new blog site?  Do you like it?  Yeah I know there isn’t much on here yet but there will be given time.  No doubt it’ll take me a little while to get it how I’d like it, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end.  If there is anything in particular you think would be good to put on here then please let me know.


Mara Knits a Podcast – Episode 3 Show Notes


Finished Objects

3 pairs of socks including my Christmas Knit Cast On pair (for the Little Bobbins Knits KAL) and my Red Squishy Thingy Blanket (for the Anna knitter blanket along)


Works In Progress

Nurmilintu Shawl by Heidi Alander – I’m knitting this in my own dyed silk blend sock yarn for the ‘Best Year Ever Kal’ hosted by Nikki on the Tea and Possibilities Podcast.

Another silk shawl whose pattern I’m making up as I go along.


Stash Acquisitions

Technically none – but plenty found in a box during unpacking.  Mainly my own dyed stuff but there was also som Ranch sock yarn by Araucania and some Kattia Roma plus some roving for spinning.



Mainly about the plans for a crafting corning in the studio nicknamed ‘Pooh Corner’





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