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Precious Alone Time

Precious Alone Time

Everyone needs to take a little bit of time for themselves every now and then.  Seriously, everyone does.  Sometimes I find it hard to swim through all the hustle and bustle of modern life, but I know as the warm weather slowly returns I’ll be grabbing more and more of those precious ‘me’ moments out in the garden.  Preferably with a cup of tea in my hand and my dogs for company.

This week life has been hectic, meetings to attend, work to do, and just don’t ask me about all the drama with the house.  At times I’ve felt as if I was drowning in the modern world and all it’s demands, grabbing a few precious moments in the garden was really important..  So I thought I’d share with you a few precious moments just taking time for me in the garden.  I visited my Clootie tree with all it’s crocheted little additions and just watched the snowdrops swaying about in the wind.  We planted these last year in memory of one of our dogs who now joins my childhood dog as a spirit of the garden.  Seeing them grow and bloom for the first time was like him sending a beautiful reminder that he’s still with us.

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