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Knitting Patterns

I have a small selection of knitting patterns that I have written available on Ravelry.


The Alchemilla Slouchy Hat

This pattern is a FREE Download – click to download now


The ‘Stripy Hat’

This pattern is a FREE Download – click to download now


Why on Ravelry?  Well I could have them as direct links for download on this site, but I thinks it’s helpful to be able to see the additional information on a pattern  you can get through Ravelry.  Photos of versions other people have made and their comments.  Even links to blog posts about their experiences making the item can be found.  It’s also fairly rare to come across a knitter who isn’t on Ravelry, and if you aren’t then you should really consider signing up.  It’s free to use and an amazing resource.


I have all of my patterns test knit / checked before I publish them.  While this helps to find any issues it’s not 100% foolproof and occasionally something will slip by.  If you find anything like that then please contact me and let me know.  Alternatively if you are simply stuck, or don’t understand something, I’m happy to help if I can.