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Marathon Knit for my Wedding

Marathon Knit for my Wedding

Do you ever get a daft knitting idea?  You know one of those, ‘Oh I’ll just do this… it won’t take long’ types of idea.  Then 5 months later you’re frantically trying to finish by knitting at midnight.  Well I had one of those ideas about 6 months ago.

It all started when we finally set a date for our wedding, giving us just six months to organise it.  Thats ok I though, we can do that.  Then I decided that it would be nice if I knitted stoles for my bridesmaids and myself.  Six months I thought, I can easily do that.  Surprise surprise, of course, it was harder than first anticipated.  Firstly I could finalise a pattern or yarn till the dresses were picked, which created a months delay.  Then I had to find the right pattern and yarn, I lost another couple of months there.

Start of Bridesmaid Shawl
Start of a ‘Gothic Night Shawl’ in a red cotton yarn for one of my bridesmaids.

Finally I had the pattern and yarn, but boy oh boy, did they take way longer to knit than I anticipated.  I got there though.

I’ve knitted the ‘Gothic Night Shawl’ before, it’s free pattern from Ravelry which is only available in german.  It is however very easy to translate using google, the included chart and a little bit of experience.  If you’ve knitted a lace shawl before you’ll have no trouble working it out.

I wasn’t sure about my choice of yarn, a red cotton to match the bridesmaids dresses.  I’ve not knitted much with cotton so I was a little concerned to start with, but it knitting up nicely and blocked well.

Side by side ‘Gothic Night Shawls’ stretched out on the blocking mats.

You might also have spotted the hairdryer on the left of the photo above, that’s because even though I’d finished them with a week to spare it wasn’t until the day before that I managed to find the time to get into the studio and block them.  I had also planned on getting some nice blocking wires but will all the pre-wedding running arround forgot them as well.  So it was pins into the matt and a hair dryer.

So now the Wedding is over, we’re officially newlyweds and it’s back to sock knitting for me.  After all winter is fast approaching and new nice warm socks will be needed 😉


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