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Mara Knits a Podcast – Episode 5 – More Naughty Yarn and a Spinning Rabbit Hole

Mara Knits a Podcast – Episode 5 – More Naughty Yarn and a Spinning Rabbit Hole

Hello and Welcome.  Today I posted Episode 5 of the Podcast up on YouTube after recording it yesterday.  Things are slowly falling into a routine with the Podcast but this is the first time I’ve done them a week apart instead of a fortnight.  I’ll try and stick to weekly from now on but there may be the odd time when work gets in the way.



So what’s in this episode.  Well Pebbles the Dog makes an appearance again, the bad weather outside was making her restless. I’ve got some more naughty yarn although for different reasons.  There are a few works in progress and I talk about a book I’ve been reading which has sent me back down the spinning rabbit hole.  Then to top it all off the prize I won in a Giveaway arrived.  Happy Days 🙂

What’s in Podcast Episode 5…

Finished Objects (Just the One)

  • Nurmilintu Shawl by Heidi Alander.

What’s on my Needles

  • Socks out of Zig Zag by King Cole.
  • Gothic Night Shawl by Marlies Carl in my naughty silk yarn.

General Chat and Natter

  • I’ve been reading Womens Work, The first 20,000 years by Elizabeth W Barber (recommended by Meadow of The Woven Road Podcast).
  • Going down the drop spindle rabbit hole.

Giveaway Prize Details (I won these I’m not offering them as a giveaway)

  • Giveaway offered by Snuggly Stars Podcast.
  • Yarn from Snuggly Stars.
  • Bag from Jibbyroo Sews.



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