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Making a Teapot Workshop

Making a Teapot Workshop

I started writing this post months ago, but it’s sat in my drafts folder because, well, the final result was very disappointing.  As a result, I really wasn’t quite sure what to do it.  Should I do the ‘happy’ type post even though I’m not happy?  Or should I just ditch the post and not say anything about it?   Well, I’ve decided I’ll write as honest a post as I can and that will be that.

So it’s September and the question of my ‘Hen Party’ needed deciding.  I wasn’t originally going to have one as such, we were talking about a day sitting in a cafe somewhere knitting, drinking tea and nattering, but then one of my friends spotted a teapot making workshop.  What a fab idea we all thought, obviously followed by afternoon tea 😉

The result was the week before my wedding we all met up in central Newcastle to head to the Laing Art Gallery, for the workshop.  Naturally, I was presented with a veil to wear before we went in, but don’t worry there aren’t any photos of that to scare you.  Soon we were all sat down with slabs of clay in front of us waiting for our instructions.

Before long we were covered in clay and happily working away on our designs.  Some more successful than others (hint: I restarted twice cos I wasn’t happy so you can guess whose wasn’t working well).  Stars all over it, a moon on the lid and a cat by the handle.  I also put some detailing inside, which I hoped will be visible ok.

At the end of the workshop, we were asked to select our glaze colour before they were taken away for glazing and firing, ready to collect a few weeks later.

Here’s my finished teapot.  It does work although it’s a dribbler so unlikely to get much usage.  I really enjoyed the experience on the day as I got to make something with some of my best friends, always a good thing.  I have to admit I didn’t really enjoy the feeling of clay all over my hands and when I collected them I was disappointed with the glazing.  I was expecting it to look quite ‘rustic’ due to my pottery skills but I didn’t expect there to be areas of bare pot without glaze on.

So overall how am I feeling about it a few months later?  Well, my teapot sits on to of the microwave in the kitchen and has only been used once.  I enjoyed the experience on the day but the glazing is such that I don’t really like the finished product.  Would I go on another of these workshops?  Hhhhmmmmmmm…..  No.  I’d try pottery again but only if run by a different company.  I’m simply too disappointed in the final look because of the glazing.

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