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Long long witchy socks

Long long witchy socks

I have a sock issue with my favourite boots. That’s them in the photo, a pair of battered DM boots that go most of the way up my calf and in the three and a half years I’ve had them they’ve been my goto footwear. So what’s the issue? I don’t have any socks long enough to go over the top of them, so its either socks that are too short or tights, obviously an issue that needs to be rectified.

The 'decrease seam' on my Long long Witchy Sock
My ‘Goto’ Dr Martins Boots complete with mud.

Enter my ‘Long long witchy socks’, they really do remind me of the long horizontal striped leggings or tights often shown in stereotyped cartoon witches and are essentially just some long socks in a self-striping yarn with contrasting cuff, heel and toes. I did have a quick look on Ravelry for patterns but in the end, decided to simply measure my legs and work something out for myself.

The 'decrease seam' on my Long long Witchy Sock
The ‘decrease seam’ on my Long long Witchy Sock

They’re obviously a much slower knit than the shorter socks I usually make but that doesn’t matter, there is no dealing to finish them. My only concern at the moment is that I might run out of yarn. I suspect I might end up playing yarn chicken by the end of the second sock and that at least in part influenced my decision to do contrasting cuff, heels and toes in black. In fact, I might end up playing yarn chicken with the black as well!

So here they are, my current go-to WIP. The yarns are Head over Heels by Stylecraft in the Ben Nevis colourway for the stripy bits and Wendy Merino 4 Ply for the contrasting black bits. Leave a comment and let me know if you’d like me to explain how I worked out the leg part for a nice snug fit.

– Mara


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