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Listening to the world and a bit of pyromania

Listening to the world and a bit of pyromania

The weather here in the North East of England is living up to its unpredictable reputation and after a load of sleet, this last weekend it was wonderful blue skies and sunshine. Naturally, we’re forecast snow for next weekend again.

My 'office' in the sunshine
My ‘office’ in the sunshine

I love sitting and working on my laptop in the garden and used to do it a lot at my old home. A sweet little cottage ‘down south’ with a matching little cottage garden. Back north I don’t get to do it as much mainly because I’ve never managed to get to grips with a way of doing it in this garden. It’s a completely different place in every sense, apart from retaining its designation as a garden. That’s perhaps a story for another post though.

There are fairies at the bottom of every garden, and they like tea and croissants.
There are fairies at the bottom of every garden, and they like tea and croissants.

With a brief spell of nice sunshine though I de-camped from my desk to the garden. I knew I’ll only get a few hours out there before work would force me back inside, but while the sun was shining I was determined to make the most of it.  In the background, there are many sounds, cars, plane, a radio in the background but mostly what I can hear is birdsong. I don’t have the knowledge or skill to say which birds are singing, but you don’t need to be an expert to know they are as happy as I am to see warm sunshine even if it’s only for a little while.

Far too soon I had to retreat inside, my laptop is wonderful for many things but there are certain jobs I can’t do with lots of glare on the screen, so I reluctantly headed back inside. It wasn’t for long though as I casually suggested that perhaps I’d have a go at lighting a bonfire to Mr A. As the garden is essentially a woodland one with lots of trees we get lots of twigs and even branches coming down over the winter which need to be cleaned up regularly.  We compost what we can, some goes into the councils ‘green bins’ to be taken away and the bigger bits end up in the burner. Mr A had stacked a load into the big metal bin we use for this but it’s been far to wet to burn them for some time. So feeling adventurous I decided to see if I could get it going.  If I’m honest neither of us held out much hope but hey ho.

Well, ahem, it must have been a lot drier inside there than we thought. It went up rather spectacularly which was great fun!

I will add though that I always check for wildlife before lighting a fire and never leave it unattended. The only thing missing was my old dog Jake who loved sitting with me and watching the flames.

Take care till next time…

– Mara

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