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Everyone needs a place to sit, think and craft.

Everyone needs a place to sit, think and craft.

A craft corner in which to sit, think and create, everyone needs one.  Somewhere to chill out and allow the worries of modern life to slip from your mind, giving way to a more quiet calm.  Of course getting that spot might be a different matter, especially if stripping wallpaper is involved.  So here’s a quick update on the creation of my own little crafting corner.

Nicknamed ‘Pooh Corner’, as it’s going to be my Winnie the Pooh style thinking spot, tucked away in the corner of the studio where I work.  No doubt there will be yarn, a good light source (for those dark winter days) and somewhere to put a steaming hot cup of tea.  In my head it’s already done and the debate is which armchair will fit the space best.  However, in reality I’m still trying to get the walls stripped and make a decision on which paint colour to use.  So I’m working on it in my scruffy clothes, (maybe I should have changed to record the video), and dreaming of how wonderful it will be when finished.



I’ll keep you updated on progress, the aim is to get it finished for next weeks podcast.


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