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A Sparkly New Focus

A Sparkly New Focus

Knitting a Scheepjes Whirl into a shawl.

So this blog and the YouTube Channel have very much been on a hiatus so I thought I’d best do a post to explain why and my future plans.

At the risk of degrading my crafting, I reached a point with the blog where I thought why would anyone read this? Bear with me and I’ll try and explain. There are many many wonderfully creative, insightful blogs and channels and I just didn’t know why anyone would use their precious time to read mine. I mean what was special about it? What could I contribute to someones crafting life? Essentially I couldn’t come up with a good answer. I couldn’t find my voice as it were.

So despite the fact I enjoyed writing about my crafting and creating the videos for YouTube, I stopped. I figured there wasn’t a point unless there was something more to talk about that plain vanilla socks (which form about 75% of my crafting – because new pairs of socks are always needed). I didn’t stop crafting. Didn’t stop enjoying the process of making things. Just wasn’t writing or filming videos about it.

Then came the Extinction Rebellion protests in London over Easter and it hit me like a brick thrown at my head. There were others concerned about environmental, recycling and sustainable living and not just a few. Hundreds of thousands of people most likely into the millions. I’ve gradually been shifting my lifestyle and crafting to try and minimise my impact environmentally, THAT was what I should be talking about on the blog and channel. Granted there might still be a place for what the latest shawl pattern I’m knitting is like, but more about all the small little things I’m trying to do in my daily life to reduce my negative impact. Not massive global eco-warrior style things but the small practical things which form a shift in how we live over time.

Now I’m not going to kid myself that there are hundreds of thousands of people eagerly awaiting my pearls of wisdom on the topic. At least I hope there isn’t because that would be a lot of pressure I’m not sure I can handle. However, there may be a few people interested in my trials and tribulations so to speak, and if I’m honest it helps me feel that I’m actually doing something positive. So expect to start seeing regular posts again with a heavy eco-crafting slant. I have a list of things I want to try and implement in my life and I’m happy to share them. No doubt a fair few won’t work out or will be a disaster but at least I’ll be trying.

(Oh and if anyone is interested my current knitting project is a shawl using one of the Scheepjies Whirls – I’ll post about that later once it’s finished but included a photo at the top of the post anyway. )

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