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A new sock knitting design

A new sock knitting design

I knit a lot of socks, but I don’t often add patterns or embellishments that I’d designed myself. Over years I’ve refined a pattern which I carry around in my head for a plain sock which usually forms the basis of all the socks I make. So when I finished the ‘Long long Witchy Socks’ and immediately cast on a pair of ankle socks I was slightly surprised to discover I really wanted to add a small amount of patterning. I suppose I could have got out some of the pattern books, or headed down the Ravelry rabbit hole searching for a pattern, but in all honesty, I knew exactly what I wanted.

mara knits-35

As I’d been heading down the foot of the Witchy socks my mind had been playing through ideas on a little motif I could put on some socks. Nothing too dramatic but a little bit summery to match the warming weather. Another reason why I wanted ankle or trainer socks, warmer weather means different shoes.

mara knits-34

I’m now on the second sock of this new pair. Thanks in part to a bit of TV knitting but also thanks to some knitting time provided by Nation Drive-It Day which was on Sunday. Mr A has a 1961 Morris Minor which he adores and along with other members of the North East Morris Minor Club we headed out into dales and onto moors in a procession of classic cars. I don’t normally knit socks in cars, preferring something on bigger needles when bouncing in a passenger seat, but it was these socks or the Gothic Night Shawl as they’re my only two projects on the go. Since the shawl isn’t something you can really stop very easily mid row and the rows are a lot longer than on socks that made the decision a no-brainer.

mara knits-37

I’m happy with how the first sock knitted up and it’s nice to use some lighter coloured yarn. The two socks aren’t going to match as it’s a long colourway but personally that doesn’t bother me. If it’s from the same ball of yarn then they match in my book 😉

– Mara

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