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A Flock of Baable Hats for Christmas

A Flock of Baable Hats for Christmas

It was a bit of a slog but I’ve finished knitting a flock of Baable Hats for Christmas Presents and feeling rather pleased with myself.  As someone who rarely does colourwork knitting, this was a bit out of my comfort zone especially when it came to sewing in the ends, but I got there in time for them to be wrapped and head off to sit beneath trees on Christmas morning. I might have been late to the Baable Hat party but I figure 7 on the trot makes up for that.

The idea for the Christmas flock came from a friend who has knitted her own as presents. What a fab idea I thought and quickly counted up that my minimum number would be 7. If I got all of those finished then I had planned on trying some variations, but they certainly didn’t need to be done for the 25th of December! First up I needed to make a decision on what yarn to use and even though I’m not normally a fan it was obvious that a 100% acrylic was going to be the most practical. Some of these would likely end up in washing machines and tumble dryers if they were to be of any use to their new owners. I ended up buying 9 x 100g balls of DK weight, the pattern calls for Aran but the word in my online knitting groups was that it tended to knit up quite large so I decided to drop down to combat this. I’m glad I did as the first one was far too big for me, although it did fit my husbands bigger head.

So it as decided that the ‘men’ would get the regular size, women and children would get a modified smaller version (based on what would fit my head) by removing one set of sheep and adjusting the crown decrease appropriately.

Normally I’m a sock knitter and never seem to get tired or bored just going round and round, knitting plain vanilla socks. The round and round of hats though started to feel monotonous after about 3 hats. I wonder why that is? I mean it’s not like the process is that different after all.

I decided to knit all the hats and then sewing in the ends at the end. This was heavily influenced by insisting that my husband made the pom-pom or no pom-pom decision and he was seriously procrastinating. Yes, yes, yes, I know this makes it a marathon job at the end but I was concentrating on physically having enough hats.


I’ve not really sewn in ends with colourwork much before and I’ve got to say I found that the hardest part of these hats by a long way. I had colours peeking through onto the ‘right’ side all over the place. There was a lot of swearing involved but I eventually got them all done.

Overall I like the pattern, but they definitely knitted up large and the sewing in of the end was a complete pain it the #&%*!

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